Announcing the official “Ribbon Cutting” and Exhibit Opening for the KitFit Prototype!

Ribbon Cutting / Thursday, December 16, 2010 / 9:00am /5th floor of the CAP Building / Ball State University

Exhibit Opening / Thursday, December 16, 2010 / 10:00am / 5th floor of the CAP Building / Ball State University

Special guests and others are welcome to attend the Ribbon Cutting ceremony this Thursday. The public is also welcome to view and walk through this open exhibit at CAP (Architecture Building) now and hopefully through the spring months of 2011!


Installation and construction is almost complete!

  • Painting completed last week, touch-ups still necessary following completion of several other things
  • Electrical and cable work is completed
  • Tile is receiving grout and is being cleaned
  • Vinyl tile is being adhered to the mock “kitchen” and entry
  • Trim and baseboards are being installed

Over the last few weeks, lots of work has taken place. The drywall is now complete and the space is being prepared for paint by taping and mudding the gypsum. The paint will be applied in the coming days.

Drywall/gypsum is completed for several walls in the Right Bathroom. Fixtures waiting to be installed.

Preparing the matrix tile and plumbing for the installation of the Glasroc layers of flooring.

Preparing pex piping for the wash basin/sink connection.

Pex piping that will connect to the plumbing manifold.

Installation of Glasroc flooring layers.

Finalizing stud wall placement in the Left Bathroom. Below is a detail of the under-door cable raceway system.

Temporary cross-bracing for the stud walls in the Left Bathroom.

Supply details.

Working with the plumbing manifold and making final decisions before plumbing installation begins.

Working with the waterless trap for the Right Bathroom bathtub.

Plans for the proposed layout of the plumbing.

Sheets of Glasroc were cut to place over the Matrix tile as the second and third layer of the flooring in the Right Bathroom.

Back inside, full views of the Prototype site on the 5th floor of the CAP building.


Initial installation of the KitFit Prototype. The KitFit Prototype is located on the 5th floor of the College of Architecture and Planning facility at Ball State University in the north studio.

The Matrix Tile design we are using starts with this initial 2′ x 2′ foam tile:

After routing the tile design, the completed tiles look like this:

A temporary frame needed to be constructed for the Matrix Tile layout because our space does not have existing ‘demising walls’ to use as a framing.

The tile layout covers the Right Bathroom of the Prototype as well as the middle “Kitchen” portion.

Before plumbing could be laid into the Matrix Tiles, a preliminary layout was completed using string to determine any issues with piping interference.

Determining where the piping would all meet was a key purpose for the preliminary plumbing layout.

A unique plumbing manifold was designed and constructed for this Prototype. Michelle is seen here with the framing.

The Geberit system is being used for several plumbing connections being used in the Prototype.

Completed plumbing manifold:

The base of the stud wall will connect to these cable stud elements, used for baseboard electrical systems.

Framing and stud wall installation begins:

Detail of the stud wall and cable stud connection:

Completed stud walls for the Left Bathroom that does not use the Matrix Tile system.

The Ball State KitFit team would like to extend a special thanks to our Industrial Partners for their generosity and dedication to our prototype design/build project. Without your passion, interest, and genuine concern for the further advancement of these technologies, the KitFit team would not be advancing our knowledge base of open-building design or be able to share this knowledge with such a broad audience. “Thank you!”

For a full list of up-to-date Industrial Partners, CLICK HERE.